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Kathleen Fitzpatrick textile artist
Kathleen Fitzpatrick textile artist
Kathleen Fitzpatrick textile artist
hand weaving fabric
custom hand dyed throw pillows


Tie-Up Textiles was established through two core values; to offer a bold alternative to the mainstream motifs so long associated with interior fabrics, and to pay homage to the dying era of artisanal handwork. Our collection of high-end fabrics steps away from trend, and rather focuses on nonconformist texture, organic shape, and a timeless color palette. This unique approach seamlessly fits into a vast array of interior design aesthetics. Highly influenced by a curiosity for early 20th-century manufacturing and a deep romance toward the desolate landscapes of southwestern America, our inspiration brings to life a unique approach to the fundamentals of design. This transitional approach proves essential to nearly any room or lifestyle. Paired rustically, industrially, and even urban to the farmhouse, we strive for an out-of-the-box, visual and tactile experience. 



Kathleen Fitzpatrick is a designer trained in both traditional and modern textile practices. Holding a bachelor's degree from Pennsylvania's Kutztown University in material studies and art history, she began her textile-focused career immediately following graduation. For six years, Fitzpatrick worked as an account manager at a globally recognized digital print firm. Her strong understanding of trend forecasting paired naturally with the organizational skills required for this niche market. Additionally, flawless communication skills and a passion for interior space proved Fitzpatrick to be essential in guiding textile designers and established artists through the process of building private label collections. Her role included assistance with fabric selection, designing repeats, and color management.
In 2016, Fitzpatrick shifted her extensive knowledge and enthusiasm for all things home and established her line, Tie-Up Textiles. This boutique business is dedicated to preserving the art of hand weaving and dyeing, while also challenging these practices to make them entirely her own. Kathleen's work can be found both domestically and internationally as she continues to transform how we interpret traditional design.

Kathleen Fitzpatrick textile designer

tie-up refers to the draft used to create a weave structure

rust dyed fabric swatches


When it comes to our process, everything originates and is developed through our hands. Tie-Up's woven work is drafted from start to finish on floor looms within our small Philadelphia suburb and Wilmington, Delaware studios. Our dyed fabrics are organized and processed in small batches, making each piece unique. Additionally, little to no outsourcing is used throughout our production practices. Finished products such as custom pillows, tabletop linens, artisanal coasters, and accessories are all stitched and packaged by our in-house team of seamstresses and merchandisers. Tie-Up Textiles keeps a low overhead to provide the highest quality, cost-considerate goods for our clientele. Our yardage collection is printed on natural fibers using water-based pigment inks. Whenever possible, we partner with local mills and encourage environmentally friendly practices to help significantly reduce our carbon footprint. At Tie-Up Textiles, home is our passion and sustainability is our commitment.

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