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vintage fabric utility jacket detail

Material: Woven Panel Utility Jackets - 100% Cotton

Size: Small, Medium, Large


Care: Dry clean only.

Note: This is a custom, made to order item. Variations in pattern, color, and jacket style will occur. Product availability relies solely on inventory stock with jacket styles rotating seasonally. Please inquire for more information and to place an order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Woven Panel Utility Jackets

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  • The Details

    Each item from the Tie-Up Textiles woven line has been meticulously fabricated on floor looms within our Pennsylvania studio. Master weaver, Kathleen Fitzpatrick, is a textile artist trained in hand weaving and material studies.

    Her process begins by pairing color palettes with yarn, calculating the necessary length and width, and accounting for any potential flaws during the production run.

    From there, the vertical running yarn, also known as the 'warp' is first to be added to the loom. Fitzpatrick often experiments with unexpected color pairings or stripes for added interest. The bundle of warp is dressed on the loom and is specific to each chosen pattern.

    Once dressed and tension is pulled tight, weaving can begin. The horizontal threads that intertwine with the warp are referred to as the 'weft'. It is when the warp and weft threads meet and interlock that the magic of the handwoven process is revealed.

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