Tie-Up Textiles was established through two core values; to offer a bold alternative to the mainstream motifs so long associated with interior fabrics, and to bring forth the dying era of artisanal handwork.
Our imagery pushes through the boundaries of trend, and rather focuses on nonconformist texture and shape that organically molds itself into even the most conservative design aesthetic.
Our prints can be described as daringly chic, all while artistically interlacing themselves into an abstract twist on early 20th century manufacturing. Eastern Pennsylvania, our hometown, and the desolate landscapes of southwestern America are the eclectic jumping off point for much of our inspiration.
Kathleen Fitzpatrick is a designer trained in both traditional and modern textile applications. Holding a Bachelors degree from Pennsylvania's Kutztown University in material studies and art history, she began her textile focused career in 2014.
Working as an account manager at a globally recognized digital print company, Fitzpatrick guides textile designers, artists, and interior focused firms through the process of building custom  interior fabric collections. This role includes offering assistance with fabric selections, designing repeats, and color management.
In 2016, Fitzpatrick combined her workplace knowledge and enthusiasm for the home, and founded Tie-Up Textiles, a boutique business dedicated to both preserving and challenging the traditional techniques of hand weaving and dyeing. 
Her passion for interlacing new and old, and a curiosity for transforming the ways in which we think of traditional design is paving the way to a fresh twist on interior decor.
When it comes to our process, everything originates from our hands. Our woven work is drafted start to finish on floor looms within our Pennsylvania studio. Our shibori and rust dyed fabrics are created in small batches, all entirely one-of-a-kind.
Little to no outsourcing is used in our production. Finished products such as throw pillows, tabletop linens, coasters, and napkin rings are all handmade within our studio. Tie-Up keeps a low overhead and significant amount of one-off inventory at any given time to provide the highest quality, cost-considerate options for our clientele. 
Additionally, our printed yardage uses plant-based fibers and water-based pigment. The collection is digitally printed through local mills, significantly reducing much of our carbon footprint. We also work with several organic materials and environmentally-friendly practices. At Tie-Up Textiles, home is our passion, and sustainability is our commitment. 
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